MOON SOUND STUDIOS by Christopher Moon

“Four Decades Of Changing The World With Music.”


Moon Sound has evolved over the past 4 decades from the recording studio it was back in Minneapolis, Minnesota into a world class international music project developer and producer. It was back in the early 1970’s, Producer, engineer, songwriter Christopher Moon discovered, produced and wrote the first hit song for a young recording artist named “PRINCE” at his recording studio named Moon Sound Studios.  Moon also co-wrote 3 of the 4 songs on Prince’s demo tape that secured the young artist one of the largest recording contracts Warner Brothers Records signed for a new artist. See also in WIKIPEDIA.



Moon Sound conceives and brings original large scale music projects to life, from concept to completion. One such Moon Sound production was a history making first, the creation of the “COLORS” project. This “Music For A Country” project was a 50 song production featured an artist from every single state in the USA performing their own version of a song written by Christopher Moon commemorating the 911 attacks on America. The MN version, produced by Moon featured many of the cities top singers including Cynthia Johnson who sang “Funkytown”. Listen to and Learn more about the “COLORS” Project here.



In the beginning of 2017, Moon Sound released a 40 year long project that will feature the lifetime song writings of Christopher Moon – a collection of all of his best original song lyrics he has written all made available to any artists who seeks original lyrics for their music compositions. This collective body of work is being released to the public AT NO COST so musicians and singers worldwide will now have access to great song lyrics to use in their own musical creations – all without paying a penny. To see this project online and download lyrics for yourself – please visit THE LYRIC LIBRARY.



After the discovery of Prince, Moon went in search of the next musical sensation to come out of Minneapolis. Auditioning talent with his writing partner John Rivers they came across the then unknown singer named Alexander O’Neal and signed his to a production contract. Moon and Rivers wrote and produced 15 songs for the singer but before they ever released the songs, the producers for Janet Jackson asked to take over the production contract. Alex went on to sell double platinum and became the next musical sensation out of the Twin Cities. Now, almost 40 years later, John Rivers with permission from Moon, has just released 10 of the original songs from the original Alexander O’Neal demo tape on a CD entitled: The Lost Studio Tapes available for purchase at CDbaby  or you can hear one of the songs from this album named “Sensation” by clicking here.